Current Scholars

Chapter History

Evans Scholars began attending Indiana University in 1969. The Scholars lived in temporary housing at Brown Hall until 1974, when the Scholarship House at 1075 North Jordan was built. Originally, the Scholarship House only housed male Scholars, with female Scholars living in dorms and apartments.

At the start of the 2007-08 school year, the Indiana Chapter transitioned to integrated living, following several other Scholarship Houses.

Many of the traditions started by the first Indiana Scholars live on today. While keeping these traditions alive, the Chapter also strives to create new lasting traditions. As the Evans Scholars Program starts to broaden its Alumni base, so does the Indiana Chapter. With Paul Binder (Ind. '75) as Faculty Advisor, Alumni have begun to strengthen relationships with active Scholars.

Alumnus Tony Saliba (Ind. '77) boosted Alumni relations in 2010, when he presented a generous donation to help send Scholars from out-of-state to Indiana University through the Evans Scholarship Program. To honor this contribution, the Scholarship House was renamed the Tony Saliba Family Scholarship House.

For the 42 years Scholars have attended Indiana University, much pride has been taken in upholding the four pillars of the Evans Scholarship. The current Indiana Chapter is embraces the past and strives to better the future toward one common goal: to keep Chick’s dream alive.