Scholars earn chair positions for IUDM

As Evans Scholars, we all understand how important it is to give back to others. In the past years, we have had a handful of Evans Scholars who chose to participate in the Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM).

IUDM is a 36-hour marathon benefiting the Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, which is Indiana’s leading pediatric care system. In this past marathon in November, the organization raised $4,203,326.23 for the kids at Riley Hospital.

IUDM is the second largest student-run philanthropy in the world. For this next year, we currently have 14 Scholars serving on several different committees. Of those 14, three earned chair positions within their respective committees.

Junior, Jack Graf, is the games chair for the Entertainment Committee. The Entertainment Committee spends the year planning for the entertainment during the 36-hour marathon. As games chair, Jack is responsible for facilitating games and other fun events during the marathon for both the dancers and Riley kids who are in attendance.

Junior, Lauren Diffendarfer, is the fundraising chair for the Merchandise and Apparel Committee. The Merchandise and Apparel Committee designs and sells clothes and accessories, of which all profits go toward IUDM’s yearly total. Lauren’s role is to track her committee’s fundraising efforts, provide resources for fundraising, come up with fundraising challenges, and be a means of support for others.

Sophomore, Clara Baumgarten, is the events chair for the Hospitality Committee. The Hospitality Committee physically serves the IUDM family by obtaining food donations for the marathon and other events throughout the year. As events chair, Clara is responsible for setting up percentage nights with local restaurants, helping to plan the FTK 5K and the Kicks for Kids events, and setting up and distributing food at events to the participants.

We are so excited to see how these individuals will help to bring IUDM 2018 to new heights!