Scholars Got Talent

For those of you who don't know, sophomore Douglas Nunes is both a Scholar and a student in the very prestigious IU Jacobs School of Music.

He is an extremely talented musician focusing primarily on playing the French horn. In fact, in early September, Doug had the opportunity to perform with IU's philharmonic orchestra. Our chapter recognized that this was an extremely tremendous opportunity for Doug, and more than 20 Scholars were in attendance.

It was a great experience both bonding with fellow Scholars as well as listening to some beautiful music. We are extremely proud of Doug for both representing himself and the Evans Scholars in such an outstanding way. When asked about the performance, President Jack Graf said, "It was amazing to see a Scholar from our chapter perform so well alongside musicians of that caliber."

Doug truly is a great friend, musician and Evans Scholar. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to us that he continues to shine.