Indiana Evans Alums help young graduates to network

Young Evans Scholars Alumni in the Chicago area had an opportunity Wednesday night to hear how Evans Scholar Alums Jason Stroiman (Indiana ’03) and Jeremy Stroiman (Indiana ’03) built their business and quiz them on topics ranging from mentorship to utilizing the Program’s vast Alumni network.

The event, held at Mesirow Financial in downtown Chicago, was organized by the Chicago Young Alumni to help recent graduates network while learning from the Stroimans, whose company – Evans Senior Investments – has sold more than $500 million of senior housing businesses since 2009.

“We really wanted to do something that incorporated networking within the Chicago Young Alumni community,” said Kyle Cash (Michigan ’13), one of the group’s leaders. “So, we came up with this idea to invite two influential Alumni to come in and provide their insights and business advice to those of us just beginning our careers.”

The Stroiman brothers, who both caddied at Glen Oak Country Club in nearby Glen Ellyn, Illinois, opened the program by describing their personal journeys in business before discussing the founding of Evans Senior Investments, their management philosophies and the challenges they continue to face.

Jason Stroiman said events like the one Wednesday night highlight the depth and diversity of the Program’s 10,400 Alumni.

“We’re all one phone call or two phone calls away from nearly every company in the world, “ Jason said. “Leveraging those connections, Alumni, Directors and the people you used to caddie for can really accelerate a young person’s career.”

The program also featured a Q&A in which members of the group asked the Stroimans their thoughts on selecting the right mentor, the importance of balancing career and a social life and other topics.

“If people understand where other Evans Alumni have come from and what they’ve achieved, it’ll help them set goals for themselves and become more active in the Evans Scholars community,” said Mary Moran (Marquette ’12), another of the group’s leaders.

The Stroiman brothers also stressed the importance of Alumni giving back to the Program, encouraging all in attendance to join the Par Club. Last year, Evans Scholars Alumni donated $11 million to help continue to send caddies to college.

“It’s about time and money,” Jeremy Stroiman. “If you’re fortunate enough to give back financially, you should do that, but also become a mentor to an Evans Scholar or participate in events like this. All Evans Scholar Alumni should be looking for ways to give back to this Program, which has given us all so much.”