Two Scholors honored with Scott Hollenback Award

Every year, the IU Evans Scholars vote on candidates for the Scott Hollenback Award. The award is given to the member of the chapter who best exemplifies a selfless and willing attitude. The award was named for our former faculty advisor, Warren Hollenback’s son, who was tragically killed while attempting to help a motorist on the side of the road. This year, the vote resulted in a tie at the formal chapter meeting during the 2016 WGA Spring Visit. The two recipients are freshman Isabelle Baumgarten and senior Alexander Macdonald.

Isabelle is from Wheaton, Illinois, and caddies at the Chicago Golf Club. Isabelle, or Izze, as she’s known around the house, is majoring in psychology and is part of one of the most successful freshmen classes to come through the New Scholar Program at IU in recent history. Isabelle exemplifies the ideal attitude for an Evans Scholar and has been a friend to all 60 members in her time here so far.

Alex, a senior from Fort Wayne, Indiana, caddied at Sycamore Hills Golf Club. He also worked as a camp counselor at the adventure camp Sanborn Western Camps last summer in Florissant, Colorado. Alex also strives for outstanding academic achievement as a communications and culture major as well as through his certificates in LAMP (Liberal Arts and Management Program) and business management. Apart from his exceptional scholastic success, Alex works every day to be an accommodating and friendly member of the Indiana Evans Scholars chapter.

This is the second consecutive year that Alex has been awarded the Scott Hollenback award, something that Alex attributes to his upbringing and his parents’ emphasis on the golden rule. “I try to put myself in others’ shoes and consider their feelings. Something that I see as a rule of decency, others might view as an act of kindness.”