Evans Scholars represent in IU cheer

We are very proud to have Evans Scholar representation in Indiana University athletics. Junior Lexi Meyer and freshman Kevin Jones are both members of the IU cheerleading program. In addition to normal coursework, these two dedicate over 15 hours each week to practice and games.

This is Lexi's third year on the all-girl team. During her first year as a part of the team, she won the 2017 UCA Division 1A All-Girl Nation Championship and competed in the 2018 championship. She hopes to return this year with her team in January 2019.

While Kevin had no previous experience with cheerleading prior to college, Lexi encouraged him to give it a try, and he ended up trying out for IU's co-ed team. Kevin is eager to learn the ropes of cheer and involve himself in something else here at IU.

It's a fun way for Scholars to bond outside of the Evans Scholarship House, all while getting more involved here at IU.