Scholars outside of the States

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for any student who has the chance to do so. Submerging oneself in another culture over an extended period of time is such a unique experience.

This spring semester, our very own Elizabeth Evans is studying abroad in Berlin, Germany.

Liz is a junior studying international studies. While in Berlin, she is completing a total of six courses over a variety of topics, including comparative European political systems, European migration, politics of religion, and Holocaust studies. Her comparative european Political systems course is taught by a former Hungarian foreign minister and a German political consultant.

While abroad, Liz is also interning for Democrats Abroad, an organization that spans over 27 countries. Her focus has been mainly on planning an event in April. She's been reaching out to find a speaker and connect with other American students studying in Berlin.

When asked about her experience in Berlin, Liz shared, "[Berlin] has huge art and music scenes and a bunch of really interesting museums." She has enjoyed exploring the city and discovering its relation to Germany's history.

Aside from Berlin, Liz has also traveled to other cities in Germany, including Leipzig and Munich, and has plans in line to visit Munich and Frankfort. She's also traveled outside Germany's borders to Budapest, Vienna and Prague. By the end of her stay, she plans to have also visited Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Copenhagen, Rome, Ireland and Iceland.

Liz gushed, "There is nothing more liberating than being completely dependent upon yourself in a foreign country. It gives you the greatest sense of self and of self-confidence. I feel like there is literally nothing that I can't do after having this experience. I'm incredibly blessed to be able to do this, and I only wish more people could too." We are so happy to hear she is enjoying her time.

Two other IU Scholars are planning to study abroad this summer. Sophomore Lexi Meyers will be going to Adelaide, Australia. Junior Isabelle Baumgarten will be going to Freiburg, Germany.

Bon Voyage to our fellow Scholars! You will certainly be missed while you're gone.